Promoting and Enabling ACCESS to Education is Voice of Specially Abled People’s biggest priority. Education is the light that gives direction to life.

In India, for Specially Abled Students there are many barriers to cross to get any form of formal Education, starting with physical infrastructure and transportation to reach the school, inaccessible school and lack of trained teachers and adapted curriculum, lack of accessible toilets and apathy towards students’ needs etc.

VOSAP has employed Advocacy and Enablement as it’s primary tools to combat the challenges by advocating with the government bodies for

  1. In Home Access to curriculum through internet and computers/tablets etc. and accreditation for adapted curriculum for SAPs.
  2. Training, certification and continued education for Special Ed teachers for all schools and bringing Education of Specially Abled Children also within the purview of Sarv Siksha Abhiyaan

VOSAP has the Enablement Initiative for Blind Students with Mobile Phones, Daisy Player etc. that have special educational APPS and Accessibility options like text reader, audio book player, competitive exam preparation etc. along with training for using the Phone, that helps the students access to opportunities they never imagined they could.

VOSAP has “Make My School Accessible” Initiative for everyone to take action and help make their school Accessible for Students with Disability by building ramp and accessible toilet at the minimum level.

How can you help?

  1. Adopt your own primary/secondary/ high school or college and gather a team from friends/family /classmates etc. and start the efforts with Advocating with the management/trustee board, fund the project to the extent needed and see the place become Accessible!! For guidance ask any of the volunteers already involved in similar projects.
  2. You can donate for Enablement of Blind Students and Deaf/Mute students with phones, tablets, daisy players, communication devices etc.
  3. If you have any connections in local government please take initiative to make them aware of the need for Accessible Education and help move the needle.

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