VOSAP is a Welcome partner to Howdy Modi event in Houston on Sep 22

Dear VOSAPians, Voice of SAP is now Welcome Partner for the Howdy Modi event in Houston on Sep 22. Its a matter of pride to attend this historic NRI community event to welcome and honor 2nd term PM of India Shri Narendra Modi, who has been very supportive to our cause of Empowering Specially Abled People. Volunteers are hereby provided an EXCLUSIVE Organization Code, which needs to be entered to register for this event and be eligible to receive FREE PASS. Code: Contact us at admin@voiceofsap.com Organization: Voice of Specially Abled People Registration URL: https://howdymodi.org/register Registration is for all VOSAPians/volunteers in the US. It is now open and would like you to register asap. In San Jose event, in 2015, 42 VOSAPians attended the event and for this year in 2019, let us be much larger community of “Change Makers” to transform India’s disability sector.

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