VOSAP continues to enable Specially Abled People with Assistive devices, self employment generaiton kit such as sewing machines etc. On Aug 31 2019, one such event was organized at VOSAP’s partner NGO – BPA in Ahmedabad. Honorable Member of Parliament (LokSabha), Dr Kiritbhai Solanki was Chief Guest and he gave assistive devices, inspired Specially Abled People along with VOSAP volunteers. 23 Tricycles and custom wheelchairs for providing mobility 27 Digital hearing Aids to children 33 Daisy Players to blind students to help them learn 39 Sewing machines to promote self employment among disabled people. Next events are on Oct 5 2019 and Dec 7 in Ahmedabad and January 9 2020 in Surat. –> Donate NOW to change life of Specially Abled People with $100!!!    

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