Sep 2017 Newsletter of Voice of SAP


Dear Friends,

Voice of SAP volunteers in the US celebrated India's Independence Day in New York, San Jose, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Houston. 387 NRIs were inspired to join VoSAP mission as volunteers, VoSAPians. Kudos to our passionate volunteers, who devoted their day or two to share our mission with collectively over 5,000+ visitors at our booths in these 5 cities. Voice of SAP platform is facilitating NRI community to participate in Nation Building, giving back to mother India by promoting Accessibility in their native communities, creating mass awareness to for inclusion and Empowerment of Divang jan (Specially Abled People).

Treasury Secretary of California (John Chiang), US Congressman (Brad Sherman), Dy Consulate General of India in San Francisco (Shri Rohit Rathish), Consul of India in Atlanta (Shri D. V. Singh) were the leaders who visited Voice of SAP booth, met volunteers and learnt more about our mass movement, in some cases took deep interest to work together with NRI community.

August 20, 2017; Houston, TX USA: Youth team of 7 volunteers in Houston was engaged in taking the message to hundreds of people, which was unique inspiration for many to join our mission.

Aug 12 and 13 2017; San Jose, CA, USA: With 164 new volunteers enrolled from San Jose, during 2 days of Independence Day Mela has opened up several new opportunities for VoSAP mission to engage with number of technology companies.

Aug 16, 2017; Bangalore, USA: We will like to recognize VoSAPians of Bangalore chapter, especially Shri Ravi Bhat, who took the responsibility of producing 1 minute infomercial for Voice of SAP message. He inspired very popular actress Ms Vinaya Prasad and other crew members. We thank Vinaya ji for her time and efforts to support the mission.

Here is the youtube link for you to watch and share with others to spread the message that Disability can occur to anyone at anytime and advocacy efforts can are critical in changing the conditions.


Aug 4 2017; Cary, NC, USA: New Chapter of Voice of SAP started in Cary, North Carolina. Several professionals, professors, entrepreneurs, doctors and active senior citizens joined the first chapter meeting. Youth VoSAPian, Ms Nupur Jain (10th grade student, born in the US and deeply connected to India), proposed to start Voice of SAP club in her school.

Aug 5, 2017; Washington, USA: Washington DC chapter organized an event for over 40 VoSAPians. Several initiatives in India by volunteers were discussed. Their questions such as "What can we do from here in the US" were also addressed so that volunteer team can expand with more activities.

Aug 20 2017; New Jersey, NJ, USA: New Chapter of Voice of SAP started in New Jersey under leadership of Shri Tushar Butala, Ms Preeti Gupta and Ms Sangeeta Malik. Voice of SAP team participated in the parade in New York, largest gathering outside of India to celebrate India's Independence Day. Team of 7 VoSAPians (including youth team) is leading the initiative for Voice of SAP to launch volunteer program for school going children to inculcate volunteer values and developing inclusive mindset.

We are always looking forward to your inputs, suggestions and active support to transform the disability sector together, creating inclusive society.

We have  several volunteer tasks and projects for volunteers.

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