VOSAP continues to engage and expand its youth volunteering with several inspiring initiatives on policy research, innovation with assistive devices, youth engagement with VOSAP mobile app for championing cause of making every community accessible etc.

This was 3rd year/batch at Nirma University in India that VOSAP is invited. VOSAP session is now part of orientation program at Nirma School of Sciences for Masters degree students at School of Sciences. VOSAP leader, life coach and volunteer Ms Manisha Pathak conducted an inspiring session with 2019 batch of students to start volunteering, become change maker in the society for inclusion of SAP. Under this program, in last 3 years, Manisha ji has led efforts to inspire over 2,000 youth in Ahmedabad.

Ms Hiral Shah and 26 Master degree students received certificate of volunteering from VOSAP Adviser Shri Rohitbhai Shah and VOSAP team (Hardip Dave, Kalpeshbhai, Kunj, Jeet, Ankit) present at the event. Hiral did over 100 hours of volunteering work and stood first, change maker. She has now stepped up her contribution to continue inspiring new batch of 2019, being their senior and mentor of the cause.

VOSAP app is helping students to be the “Change maker” in their community by promoting accessibility!

Let us keep adding more schools and colleges to adopt VOSAP youth volunteering program!


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