March 2018 – Key updates from Voice of SAP

Mar 2018 - Key Updates from Voice of SAP


Special Note: Voice of SAP is deeply saddened by the sudden demise of Shri Javed Abidi, one of the stalwarts and champion of the Disability Rights in India since 1991. We pray that his soul rests in peace.

Dear VoSAPians,

Our mass movement has entered into 4th year. With participation of over 3,500 registered volunteers in 19 chapters and around 2,000 public pledges in our mobile app (VOSAP), our ability to execute the strategies has expanded tremendously.

In last 3 years, we started with "Government Connect" program i.e. advocacy efforts with Govt. of India, local and state governments to come up with proper law, standards, policy framework, initiatives like "Accessible India Campaign" etc. for Empowering Specially Abled People. Subsequently we launched "Corporate Connect" program to promote accessibility, employment, CSR projects in the disability sector with VoSAP. 3rd initiative that we launched is "Youth Connect" program that aims to harness the strengths of "Demographic Dividend" to benefit social transformation.

Our passionate volunteers, empowered with robust technology platform, VOSAP mobile app are the backbone for social transformation. The mobile app (VOSAP) is an innovative solution to create large online community of volunteers (Change Makers) with their pledge and ability to volunteer using this app, create database of building accessibility etc.

--> To be the "Change Maker", please download latest version of our mobile app, which is free, features and content rich with excellent performance. You can download from AppStore (iOS) or Googleplay (Android).

Voice of SAP is receiving generous donations from our volunteer community including business leaders like Shri Uka Solanki (owner of retail chain in the US - Big Saver Foods), Shri Piyushbhai Desai(Chairman of Waghbakri tea) and several others. Key is that our volunteers bring their resources - time, money, connections and talent for Voice of SAP.

Activities in last 3 months:

1. Youth Connect: Voice of SAP has developed program that inspires youth to do measured volunteer work for VoSAP mission. This includes taking pledge, inspiring others, contributing to building accessibility database with VOSAP mobile app and embracing inclusive goals. VoSAP volunteers have started reaching out to several colleges in Ahmedabad and conducted 2 workshops (Nirma University and Gujarat Vidyapeeth, founded in 1920 by Mahatma Gandhi ji) wherein our volunteer - life coach, motivational speaker Manisha ji has inspired over 400 graduate/master degree students to take VoSAP pledge. Bangalore and Indore based VoSAPians (motivational speakers) have also come up with their interest and plans to reach thousands of students in their cities.

2. Government Connect: In Feb 2018, we followed up and provided answers, details to the questions raised by Chief Minister of Gujarat's office so that they can agree, go ahead with final approval of the "Comprehensive Policy for People with Disability". We appreciate state government's commitment for Divyang jan and request approval and release of this policy, in line with new law RPDA 2016.

3. Corporate Connect: Bank of Baroda, Ahmedabad region issued circular to branches to upgrade them with ramps and work with Voice of SAP volunteers. As a result, 1st branch in Ghatlodiya, Ahmedabad was upgraded, made accessible. Several other branches have started reaching out to VoSAP volunteers.

4. Corporate Connect: Subsequent to our meetings with 10 corporate leaders in November 2017, we have started seeing follow up actions and requests to VoSAP for guiding them through for actual process of employing Specially Abled People, doing accessibility audit of their offices etc. Collectively, over 500 Divyang jan will benefit and we hope that such requests, demand will keep growing.

5. Corporate Connect: Brainvire, Mumbai based IT services company has launched VoSAP program during celebrations of Jan 26, India's republic day. 230 employees took VoSAP pledge to become "change maker" and promote accessibility etc. in their local community.

We need volunteers who are professionals, retired experts in the following areas to undertake high impact VoSAP tasks. Please respond to this email with your expertise and we will contact you.

1. Content and story writer
2. Motivational speakers
3. Accessibility Auditors/experts
4. VDO editors and producers
5. Social media experts

We have  several volunteer tasks and projects for volunteers.

Join our  passionate team of volunteers  at

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