nama-sankirtanam yasya, sarva-papa pranashanam; pranamo duhkha-shamanas, tam namami harim param.

Shri Ram Jay Ram Jay Jay Ram

“I offer my respectful obeisances unto the Supreme Lord, Hari, the congregational chanting of whose holy names in the form of the Shri Ram Jay Ram Jay Jay Ram Maha Vijay-mantra destroys all sinful reactions, and the offering of obeisances unto whom relieves all material suffering.”

To end the sufferings of the whole world, for the victory of truth and humanity and for the world peace, Shri Hari Naam Sankirtan Mandir, Jamnagar, Gujarat, popularly known as Shri Bala Hanumaan Temple, is the adobe of peace and harmony, symbol of victory over evils, and it is situated at the banks of Lakhota Lake, Jamnagar. For more than 50 years, the Akhand Harinaam Sankirtan (continuous chanting) of Maha Vijay Mantra - Shri Ram Jay Ram Jay Jay Ram is happening here 24/7 without stopping for even one minute. Thousands of people come here and keep chanting the Mantra.

Jamnagar is lucky! It is lucky in many ways... It has got such a vibrant temple and a visionary District Collector! I am lucky that I was born in this district! On top of this, Voice of Specially Abled People is involved in the betterment of the district. As a representative of VoSAP and as a devotee of the temple, I had always thought that the temple should become accessible so that even Divyang Jan can benefit from the chanting of Maha Vijay Mantra - Shri Ram Jay Ram Jay Jay Ram. For making it accessible, 2 things were required: A good ramp and wheel-chairs. I discussed the idea with the District Collector, Shri R.J. Makadia and he was really very happy to see that the temple becomes accessible. We visited the temple together and met the devoted trustee of the temple, Shri Vinu Bhai Tanna (Vinu Kaka). Vinu Kaka was also more than happy to implement the idea. Following are the pictures of the temple visit and the entrance of the temple before 2 months:

[caption id="attachment_12729" align="alignleft" width="865"]Hari Naam Sankirtan Mandir - Jamnagar befor 2 months From Left, Shri Vinubhai Tanna - Trustee of the temple, Shri R.J. Makadia - The District Collector,Jamnagar and at right, Shri Lalithkumar D. Gujarati - VoSAP Lead Volunteer[/caption]

Worshipping at templeThe visit was quiet successful, inspiring and most importantly brought successful results. The trust of the temple happily and immediately agreed to build a ramp at the entrance and always cooperative, visionary District Collector agreed to give 2 wheel chairs to the temple, once the ramp is created! Jay Shri Ram! This was really inspiring, when efforts are done with pure heart and devotion and luckily when we get the people like Vinu Kaka and Makadia Saheb, problems of accessibility can be resolved in few moments! I am really happy now, because the promises made, are kept in its true spirit. Now, the trust has built a wonderful ramp by spending thousands of rupees and the wheel chairs are on the way! Now any of the Divyang Jan - the specially abled people can happily access the temple and enjoy the serene atmosphere of the temple and get inner peace by chanting Maha Vijay Mantra - Shri Ram Jay Ram Jay Jay Ram! following is the picture of the ramp build at the entrance of the temple:

Ramp at Bala Hanuman Temple -1Ramp at Bala Hanuman Temple

 I hope, under the guidance of the founder of VoSAP, Shri Pranavbhai Desai, we will do more of such pious accessible deeds. Hari Anant Hari Katha ananta... But I say Hari anant Hari Kripa Ananta! I wish most of the major temples of not only Jamnagar district but all over India are made accessible and let the Divyang Jan reach to the God, and get blessings and more strength to be extra ordinarily Specially abled People.

The story doesn't end here, this is just a beginning and many more visionary works are going to happen under inspiring guidelines of our founder, Shri Pranav Bhai Desai and with active cooperation of the -proactive collectors like Shri R. J. Makadia! They say, "When there is a will, there is a Way!" but I add saying, "When there is a will, there is a way and the way should be Accessible!" Let's realize our dream of making whole India, 'Accessible India' - the campaign launched by Hon. Pm Shri Narendra Bhai Modi ji!

उत्तमाः आत्मना ख्याताः पितुः ख्याताः च मध्यमाः
अधमाः मातुलात् ख्याताः श्वशुरात् च अधमाधमाः

The noble are well known for the own (deeds), mediocre are famous because of their father, the inferior are known because of their maternal uncle, the bottom of all are identified because of their father-in-law.

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