VOSAP’s Kibo App Beneficiaries

VOSAP is proudly a leading not-for-profit organization that not only advocates for disability rights but also enables and empowers Specially Abled People to live a dignified life. One of our latest programs for the empowerment of people with visual impairment was to provide 3-years of free subscription to Kibo Application that enables persons with visual impairment to read any printed, handwritten or digital content, translate them, and also to navigate their surroundings without anyone’s help.


Our team randomly interviewed a few beneficiaries to see what changes our program bought in their life and how can we better our efforts. We are elated to see such overwhelming responses from the beneficiaries from all walks of life. We feel proud to share these responses from the beneficiaries of the Kibo Subscription provided by VOSAP.


Read on to know how Kibo is transforming lives around us.


Giving Wings to Dream

Chaudhary Tanvi is a young girl with visual impairment who aspires to take a government job and be self-dependent. Her dream to be a government employee would have been really tough to achieve without an app like Kibo. Today, she is confident about her dreams because she is empowered with Kibo which helps her read articles and notes on her own. She is preparing for the government job examination with Kibo standing by her side like a true friend at every step.

3-years subscription extension allowed by VOSAP has given her ample time to focus on her dreams without any worry.


Helping Tackle Challenges of Daily Life
Milind Nandakant Bhalerao is a government employee who needs to read a number of documents including court judgment papers. He also enjoys staying up-to-date with things going on around by reading a newspaper. His daily life would have been full of challenges without
access to an inclusive app like Kibo. The application helps him tackle the daily life challenges caused due to his visual impairment. The app reads out newspapers and other important documents. Mr. Milind is thankful to VOSAP for providing the subsidy for the app.


Building Foundation for Success
Aman Memon, a visually impaired student, aims to be a programmer. To be a successful programmer in the future, he needs to build a strong foundation of knowledge in the present. Currently, he is pursuing BCA, and Kibo app helps him read and take notes. Aman loves the
Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature of the app that helps him to translate and read out hand-written notes. It is this feature that lets him take class notes from teachers and friends and convert them into audio format. Without this app, things would have been too tricky for him.
This is the reason he feels thankful to VOSAP for providing him discounted subscription for three years.


Being a Full-Time Reading Buddy
Shreekant is preparing for UPSC, the toughest and highest exam in the country. It is said that UPSC asks questions about everything under the sun and hence the aspirants need to read for hours every single day. The Kibo app has become the full-time reading buddy for Shreekant as it reads out books, notes, pdfs, and other important documents for him every day. Finding study notes of UPSC in a regional language is a challenge for every aspirant who opts for a regional language. But, Kibo has solved this issue for Shreekant who needs his documents translated into Kannada. Shreekant smilingly says Kibo is 90 percent accurate in its translation. We hope to see this visually impaired candidate getting into administrative services soon.


Being a Paradise for Visually Challenged Bibliophiles
Sunil Sutar is a law research scholar who needs and loves to read lots of books. Being a research scholar in law, he needs to read an innumerable number of books, judgment documents, other research papers, and many more things. In addition to these, he is also a member of Bookshare, an online library for people with a print disability and supported by the US department of education. Mr. Sunil says he downloads books from Bookshare and read them through the Kibo app. Reading such a huge number of the book is a feat for any visually impaired person. And, this was made possible for Sunil to a great extent due to the Kibo app. Without a doubt, OCR is his favorite feature and he uses it in English, Hindi, and Marathi.



The above-given beneficiaries are just a few examples. We are glad that our efforts are transforming so many lives and making so many people confident and self-dependent.


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VOSAP is always ready to enable and empower Specially Abled People.


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