Social Integration of Specially Abled People

A human being can be happy if he is very much active in the society, with the society around himself/herself. A Specially Abled Person faces this big challenge to feel him self / her self as part of the normal society. As if to be with specially abled people is the right and the duty of NGOs only!!  Even if there is any interaction/occasion involving Specially Abled People, it is normally regarding helping them, regarding giving donations etc… A specially abled person is also having a heart, feelings, wishes, happiness and sorrows! But they find a very few ways to meet all such aspirations. As a society, how can we neglect this precious part of the society? Often, this discrimination starts at home it self!! Many a times siblings, parents and other members of the family behave in such a way that the person with physical/mental challenge is constantly reminded of his her “Inferior” situations!! The person is as if the second citizen of the society! As if he/she is born to feel inferior always!! Though there are extra superior qualities gifted to Specially Abled People, the society is generally never ready to identify them! Without uplifting the spirits of these Specially Abled People, there is no way to empower them, without empowering the Specially Abled People, there is no way to create a healthy, happy and inclusive society! Wake up India!    

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