Featured Artist of VFH2020: Arnab Barua

VOSAP is delighted to share the story of our Art from Heart contest participant Arnab Barua.


Arnab Barua is a self-taught contemporary artist originally from West Bengal, India. He is currently transitioning from his PhD in Mathematical and Theoretical Biology in Dresden, Germany, to pursuing his doctoral studies in Canada. He considers himself an independent sketch artist but is constantly experimenting with different artistic mediums and perfecting his craft.


His art journey has been somewhat unique. While he did take drawing lessons as a young kid, he was never actively involved in art until a few years ago. In his words, “My art journey can be described as accidental. I was at summer school in Amsterdam when I happened to visit the Modern Contemporary Art Museum. The masterpieces of Van Gogh and Banksy felt this everlasting impression on me and I began dreaming of these ideas which I had to put on paper.”


With over 150 sketches in his collection, Arnab does not believe in selling his art but instead sees it as a tool to share his messages with the world. His work ranges from illustrative to abstract, exploring surrealism and political themes. He generally uses colour and sketch pens but often likes to dabble with acrylic too. Arnab showcases his work in online galleries and collaborates with other artists at various exhibitions across the world.

Arnab discovered the VOSAP Art from Heart contest through a friend who is a professional artist in Kerala, India. “This was definitely a unique contest because of its theme which I found intriguing and challenging.” he shared about how he stumbled upon the initiative.


His submission, ‘Creativity and Disability’, was an incredible amalgamation of colour and creative splendour.

“I wanted to show the beauty of nature and use it to represent how we are not all born with the same privileges. The butterflies carrying different organs show how different people have different limitations but at the end of it all, the brain with its wings allows everyone to fly high and achieve whatever they want. I wanted to show how our creativity is limitless.” Arnab shares his artwork.

Arnab also shared how inspired he was by some of the artwork presented in the Virtual Art Gallery. He particularly admired the works of the young children whose ideas he never expected to see. “I think VOSAP’s initiative is just wonderful and the work VOSAP is doing is so important. Having moved away from India, I see how things are so different. There is great need for more access and awareness in the most remote villages. he adds.


Arnab is looking forward to interacting with Team VOSAP and engaging with other volunteers when he moves to Canada soon!


He shares an important message as he signs off, one that we at VOSAP also resonate with! “It’s important to remember that art is about expressing your feelings and thoughts. It is not measured by your ability because we all experience things differently. Art is subjective and it’s important to believe in your work and not be too judgemental. The beauty of art is that it means something to each person and not everyone experiences it the same way.” 


We hope Arnab continues to carry this message through his life and art!


You can find Arnab’s work on his Instagram Page and learn more about him through his website. 

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