Voice of SAP congratulates winners of VOSAP Essay Competition 2018!

These winners presented their views, dreams on Accessible City and Inclusive Society for Divyangjan (Specially Abled People) with Essay write up. Subsequently in the Popularity round, they inspired thousands of people to support their dream, “Like” their essays. The winners also contributed towards achieving their dream by doing actual volunteer work using VOSAP mobile app. As a result of these 3 criteria, we are very proud to announce the following list of winners form top 40 shortlisted essays in round 1 selection.

First Prize winner of Rs 50,000:         Om Shah, Ahmedabad, age 19

Second Prize winner of Rs 25,000:    Mohd Faiz, New Delhi, age 19

Third Prize winner of Rs 10,000:        Harsh Aghera, Ahmedabad, age 19

Additional 15 winners of Rs 1,000 each.

  1. Hiral Shah, Naliya, age 20
  2. Saumil Vadodaria, London, age 33
  3. Neha Zala, Ahmedabad, age 26
  4. Rajesh Kumar, Delhi, age 24
  5. Arun Kumar, Delhi, age 23
  6.  Aniket Meeruty, Vadodara, age 23
  7. Dhawal Gandhi, Ahmedabad, age 34
  8. Krutika Patel, Ahmedabad, age 21
  9. Manushree Desai, Los Angeles, age 18
  10. Sachi Shah, Surat, age 19
  11. Sikhya Babu, Ahmedabad, age 28
  12. Sapna Khatter, Rajkot, age 33
  13. Maitri Katta, Rajkot, age 22
  14. Dhairya Parikh, Mumbai, age 26
  15. Urmila Vaghmashi, Surat, age 24

On 1st December, Chief Guest of the VOSAP Award Ceremony Event, Dr Thaawarchand Gehlot ji, H’ble Minister of Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Govt. of India will be awarding the winners with the prizes and certificate.

Once again, Voice of SAP is very happy for mobilizing thousands of youth to think on accessibility and inclusion of Divyangjan which resulted into identifying top volunteers, thought leaders who will be “Change Makers” in the society.