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VOSAP’s vision is to accelerate the inclusion of SAP by enabling them with assistive devices and empowering them to thrive, overcome physical limitations.

We understand the vital role that Assistive Devices play in changing the life of a Person with Disability to overcome the limitations with technology, innovation, and intervention.

To maximize the outreach and ensure more PwD are enabled and provided support with assistive devices all over India, Voice of SAP has created an online application system for PwD to request directly for devices like Wheelchair, Smartcane, Smartphones, Hearing Aids, Artificial Limbs, Tricycle etc.  on our website and after evaluation and approval, receive the device.

We are partnering with many device manufacturers, innovators and NGOs to streamline supplies, training and services for more than 14 options to choose from.

To change a life by enabling with an assistive device, please Donate today!