Is growing trend in Canada for Euthanasia, resemblance to Hitler’s massacre of Specially Abled people in Nazi regime?

Euthanasia or mercy Killing is the practice of ending the life of a person to limit the person’s suffering usually medical patients. It was also used for Soldiers who served in war. Euthanasia is legal in many countries across the world and over years there has been a different notion of this practice.

Canada legalized euthanasia in 2016. Canada calls it Medical Assistance in Dying, or MAID. It includes both assisted suicide, which is when providers give patients the means to end their own lives, and euthanasia, which is when a medical practitioner directly administers a patient’s lethal injection. But virtually all such deaths — over 99 percent — are euthanasia.

There are euthanasia hotlines, where operators will give you the resources you need to carry out your wish. Doctors and nurse practitioners are now in the business of saving the lives of some patients while providing death to others.

In 2019, while pressing the need to expand access to euthanasia, he assured that people will be able to choose assisted death “in a way that isn’t because you’re not getting the supports and cares that you actually need.”

The promise of medical assistance in dying is that vulnerable people who want to die for the wrong reasons will be encouraged to live, as they always have been — while people who want to die for the right reasons will have their autonomous decision upheld. If even a single vulnerable person were pushed into assisted death, it would be a scandal to the system.

A number of recent news articles have reported on Canadian Veterans who, driven by poverty and a lack of access to adequate health care, housing, and social services, have turned to the country’s euthanasia system.

It is horrifying to see and come across various cases were Persons with disability, veterans were offered to apply for Euthanasia when asked about adequate health or social services.

The Question is Whether the growing trend in Canada for Euthanasia leading to Hitler’s massacre of Specially Abled people in Nazi regime?

Grant Lambie, (a Specially Abled Artist of VOSAP Art from Heart 2020. 52-year-old), severely dyslexic, was brought up in United Kingdom.

Grant submitted a powerful piece of artwork which represented this dark history of mankind for the VOSAP ‘Art from Heart’ contest. He was deeply inspired by an art piece which is originally a map from 1939 that depicted the gas chamber sites, the places where these people were mass murdered. Being emotionally moved by this artwork, Grant created his own piece of art on similar lines. He used hessian fabric which is considered the lowest quality of material to metaphorically compare it with the demeaning acts of humankind.

It is high time that the issue in Canada is addressed and there is need to have a change in approach, a safety check required in MAID.


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